site rules please take the time to read them

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site rules please take the time to read them

Postby Admin » Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:30 pm

Hobbyists must agree to being screened even if verified
Hobbyists must not verify for other hobbyists.

Providers must screen all dates prior to a date.
Providers can not verify for another provider.
No posting drama on any of the threads and the posts will be removed

No harassing members or admin.
No stalking members
No threats of any kind will be tolerated as you will be banned
No blackmailing members you will be banned

Independent providers must have pics of themselves uploaded to their own gallery, they may choose to hide their face and no fake pics will be tolerated.
Agencies may upload pics of their girls who work for them, the girls are not permitted to have their own account, while employed as an agency provider.

This will not be tolerated –
1. cash and dash scams- escort takes your money and splits you will be banned
2. bait and switch scams- escort you meet is not the one in the ad , she will be removed
3. shorting donations to providers- hobbyist doesn’t give provider her donation, he gets removed and reported.

Staying active on thread shows the hobbyist you are an active escort. Not logging in to post schedule shows us you aren’t interested and subject to being removed.

All rules are subject to being updated and changes.
Membership on GFE Forum is 30.00 a year which can be paid by moneypak sending the number on the back of the card to THE ADMIN membership fee you have LIMITED ACCESS to only the Ladies and Gents Discussion board only and there are no provider ads posted there either.

All members are checked prior to being approved
Ladies having recent reviews will be approved to join with verified status on the board. as a vouched status

Guys having 2-4 posted reviews from NR or GBN will be approved to Vouched member status

Agencys joining GFEP Forum are required to pay 35.00 to advertise their girls in there.. they must show a website link to their agency website online.. once the membership fee is paid they will have verified access to all of GFEP Forum as a vouched agency

Everyone joining is screened prior to being approved thru the many screening sites online.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us..
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About site rules

Postby Admin » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:14 am

These are the rules for this group online..
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